About me

My name is Ashley Chambers. I’m the teammate and wife to a wonderful man, Cole Chambers, a man with calling to become a pastor and the best dada in the world. I’m also a mom to the 4 most beautiful red-headed children in the world. Oren age 7, Cadence and Addilynn age 3, and Judah age 2.  Although, I am feel uniquely called to minister to families and would like to pursue either a Masters in Social Work or Family Counseling, I have traded the pursuit of that calling momentarily to pursue the skill and perfect my day to day life ministering to my family and creating a home with a unique mission. I have been a substitute teacher, bank teller, and a case manager and none of those jobs have compared in my my current role as a work at home mom. I recently lost 100 lbs and have begun a work from home career with a fabulous health and wellness company. I’m so very passionate about helping others move from fatigue (old story of my life), getting better sleep, and helping them to achieve all of their health goals.

This is my story. These are my lessons. I’m hoping you’ve already figured out that my life is slightly chaotic, hugely crazy, and at times ridiculously humorous. But more so, I’m hoping you like me are learning that in the midst of my chaos, Christ is present,prevalent, relevant, and above all that HE is transforming me and making me better. I believe He gave me a beautiful mess for a life and I feel blessed, truly blessed.

Please feel free to contact me at ashleynchambers@gmail.com

Photography by Chelle Nicole


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. She was the best teacher I ever had! You are awesome and wise! God has blessed you with many talents and you taught me never to take those talents for granted! -your used to be student, Alison r.

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